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Caricartoon Faces Vol. 1

Caricartoon Faces Vol. 1

Author: iClonetemplate
File size: 24.3MB
For iClone 4.3 or above
iContent List Price : $15.95

Pack Description

We proudly presents the Caricartoon Faces pack. This pack is a set of 8 faces for iClone G4 heads.
These toon faces were carefully modeled and designed specifically to create quickly and easily caricature art, comics and 3D cartoon movie.
These handy faces can be customized for mutiple character head styles using the facial features tools provided inside iClone to manipulate the head shape.
The high resolution(2048x2048)and semi-realistic textures for face give detailed likenesses of your popular and beloved cartoon movie character.


Pack includes

‧ 8Heads (Cartoon face)



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