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TumbleWeed the Toon Horse

TumbleWeed the Toon Horse

Author: 3D Universe
File size: 20.0MB
For iClone 4.3 or above
iContent List Price : $19
iContent Special Price : $13.3
Export Price(?) : $28.5
Export Special Price : $24

Pack Description

Add to your wacky world animals with this wonderful giraffe character! Brimming with personality and style, this animal will be perfectly at home in your runtime. The pack provides the character - TumbleWeed the Toon Horse with 3 different textures, 4 horseshoes and 10 poses so that you can apply them to your project. The character's props can be made transparent by adjusting the opacity value so that you can manipulate the character without any props.


Pack includes

‧ 1Character
‧ 4Props
‧ 10Motions (Pose)



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