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PR2M HeroSuit Pack

PR2M HeroSuit Pack

Author: Vit3D
File size: 31.2MB
For iClone 4.3 or above
iContent List Price : $21.55

Pack Description

This character is a part of Photo Realistic 2 Male Series (PR2-Male).
As all items in this series it has custom Middle-Poly body model with hi-resolution photo-realistic textures.
You can use any standard G3 motions and G4 facial animations.

what in pack:

Pack includes ready-to-use character and Bonus content.
Character (PR2 suit model, Greg PR2 Head model with mask:
- HeroSuit - Diffuse, Normal Bump, Glow maps (2048 x 2048 for Upper and Lower, 1024 x 1024 for Hands and Shoes);
- Head - Diffuse and Normal Bump - 2048 x 2048, Specular - 1024 x 1024;
Bonus content:
- Greg PR2 Head model (without Mask);
- PR2 Male Hands (no Gloves).

1. This character oriented on "as is" usage and has some restrictions in modification - You can normally replace Head, Hands and Shoes parts, but replacing of Upper and/or Lower parts not recommended.
2. Also it has substandard positions for cloths layer materials - both materials for Upper and Lower suit can be found in Upper Body cloth materials.
For changing Upper Suit material You should use "Upper Body" > Suit_Upper material, for Lower Suit material - "Upper Body" > Suit_Lower material.


Pack includes

‧ 1Accessory (PR2 Male Hands without Gloves)
‧ 1Head (Greg PR2 without mask)
‧ 1G3 Character (Character with Cloths and Head)



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