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Holy Night ANIMAL Pack

Holy Night ANIMAL Pack

Author: Bigboss
File size: 37.9MB
For iClone 4.3 or above
iContent List Price : $45.95
Export Price(?) : $82.7

Pack Description

G3 Skintight ANIMAL KINGDOM.iAvatar Holy Night Animals Packs

This Pack contains a Camel, Donkey and Beef Animal Avatars plus relevant ornaments such as Blanket and Saddle as seen in the promotional pictures. This is one of the most comprehensive iClone Animal Pack I have ever made. The Animals are presented as non-human .iAvatar that can be fully animated inside iClone. Furthermore, each Animal comes with its own persona and a Mega motion pack conforming to the Bigboss Treasures Crew Animal motion Standards for iClone, i.e. You can expect complementary motions packs that will be compatible with these Animals in the near future.

The Donkey and Camel have an additional Jaw Bone so that you can make them talk. The Donkey Ears are also rigged with dual ear bones. Blankets and Saddles can be textured separately and hidden with either opacity map or by turning the relevant opacity slider to zero.


Pack includes

‧ 3Characters (Camel)
‧ 3Personae
‧ 113Motions



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