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Filmset & Props - Campus Vol.2: Cafeteria

Filmset & Props - Campus Vol.2: Cafeteria

Author: Reallusion
File size: 24.2MB
For iClone 3.2C or above
iContent List Price : $29
Export Price(?) : $44

Pack Description

City Block Design
This pack provides modern New York style streets with attachable building block System that can be connected and combined. It includes 12 buildings and 11 shops. You can create a mid-rise neighborhood with large, several-story buildings or design and customize these buildings by adding shops to the first floor. Users can edit textures to create unique store signs and display windows.

Interactive Props
We also provide interactive props such as traffic signs and street lights with Glow textures for users to make more realistic lighting effects. The right click switching function also makes producing films a lot easier. We keep the parent structure for doors of selected buildings and shops, so users can move, rotate or hide them according to their filming needs.

City Expansion
With the subway entrance included, you can create your own underground labyrinth of subways stations or you can expand your city with other buildings from other content packs in our content store. Let your imagination run wild!


Pack includes

‧ 56Props (with 1 Bonus Accessory)
* Not included in this pack:
  Characters, books and hand bag



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