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Famous Movie Scenes - Time Square

Famous Movie Scenes - Time Square

Author: Reallusion
File size: 4.05MB
For iClone 2.5 or above
iContent List Price : $9
Export Price(?) : $14

Pack Description

Famous Movie Scenes series consist of memorable movie scenes. Reallusion lets you relive these movies and you can make your own story.

There are many movies that took place in the Time Square. Now you can use this magnificent scene and fulfill your New York Dream.

Note: Due to the change of 3D Scene file format definition between iClone 2 and iClone 3, the scene in this pack will convert to props when you install in iClone 3 or above. You may transfer the ground props into Terrain and save the entire props as 3D Scene again.


Pack includes

‧ 13D Scene



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