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Music Construction Kit 2

Music Construction Kit 2

Author: Rob Yale/Yale Music
File size: 71.0MB
For Audio Files
List Price : $10

Pack Description

The Music Construction Kit (MCK) provides easy-to-assemble loops which may be joined together to form full length music audio tracks. The kit includes royalty-free "loop ready" audio files (.MP3 and .WAV) that are ideal for use in machinima, videos, e-cards, presentations, and other similar purposes.

Use audio editing tools such as Audacity, Music Editor Free (MEF), Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic Pro, or Audition to group loops together, add additional audio effects, and/or instruments.


Pack includes

‧ 38Music Loops (21 Body loops; 5 Break loops; 3 Ending loops; 3 Fade loops; 6 Intro loops)



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