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Assorted Electronic

Assorted Electronic

Author: Rob Yale / Yale Music
File size: 316MB
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List Price : $10

Pack Description

1) Slick:
Starts with a synth pad, and then a house rhythm takes over.

2) Mesmerize:
Trance piece with a hands-in-the-air ending!

3) Belz:
Very chilled out with light rhythmic percussion.

4) Forest:
Accoustic guitars and flutes. Quite relaxing.

5) Electro-Bluegrass:
As the name suggests, a mashup of banjos and electro drums.

6) Ghoulish:
The ghouls and ghosts are having a midnight celebration.

7) Passing the Graveyard:
Dark piece with a driving shuffle rhythm.

8) Oh my my:
Electronic piece with vocoder-like synth lead.

9) Acorn:
Progressive house with big strings and pads.

10) Inner sanctum:
Straight up electronica with choir vocal harmonies.


Pack includes

‧ 10Music Loops (Ten assorted electronic pieces.)



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