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Author: Contentstock
File size: 27.2MB
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List Price : $12
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Pack Description

"Disco" pack contains music and sounds inspired on the following themes, movies, images, actions and tags:
70's, dance, swing, party, retro.

This pack includes different music tracks grouped by genre or particular theme style. With a length of 10 to 35 seconds are easy to place and modify in the timeline editor. You can use them in loop mode to get a longer soundtrack. Combining different styles you can create more complex music and make the atmosphere you want for your production.

Unlike others media galleries, our royalty free contents are created for visual projects.

Each track can be re used and resold in different multimedia products such as: videos, animations, games, machinima, websites, widgets, banners, e-cards, slideshows and mobile content.

Compatible with: I Clone – Crazy talk Animator – Crazy talk – WidgetCast - WidgetMe


Pack includes

‧ 6Music Loops (recommended for the following scenes:70)



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