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CloneMusic Vol 2 ATMOSPHERE

CloneMusic Vol 2 ATMOSPHERE

Author: Mike Aparicio-EstudioA-Apparition
File size: 49.7MB
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List Price : $60

Pack Description

Apparition's CloneMusic Pack Vol 2, ATMOSPHERE, contains 12 musical recordings in mp3 320 kbps format, with extreme fidelity and quality.

The musical mood in this pack creates mystic atmosphere and enviromental moods, suitable for the same type of videos and movies.

Contains the following tracks:

AllienInvasion, CrystalRain, Deluge, Epic, GreatWall, Inquietude, Iraq, LightRun, Liquid, RainForest, SolarWind, UnderSea.

Author grants the user rights to apply this sound files, completely or in parts to any video, either personal or commercial. No royalties are to be paid for such usage. All other author rights are reserved by: Mike Aparicio - EstudioA- Appariton


Pack includes

‧ 12Music Loops (Sond tracks with environmental musical sounds)



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