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If you love playing wizard games, then you'll love these high-quality sorcerer costumes! These practical outfit combinations allow for seamless creation fun when casting spells with spectacular visual effects! See PopcornFX. Each mystical asset contains several distinctive material presets and color settings. They also include unique mesh data so that you can easily redefine the outfit looks by using Character Creator's PBR Appearance Editor.

4 Types of Elemental Powers

Conform Dress to any Character Shape

Clothing can be adapted to any stylized characters. Users can automatically conform clothing to a variety of character sizes and styles for any game body shapes.

All outfits and accessories from the Fantasy Playset Sorcerer and Sorceress packs are interchangeable. So you may freely assemble them to your likeness, or even combine them with previous Character Creator Assassin Playsets content packs.

Physics-Ready Soft Clothes

Physics-ready clothing is timeless as it offers the fastest, and most robust simulation technology available. With the touch of soft-cloth physics simulation you can instantly make any outfit look natural and stunning.



Fantasy Playset: Sorcerer provides 4 types of sorcerer clothing- Blaze, Frost, Dark and Forest. These 4 types of sorcerer outfits are commonly seen in most magical fantasy settings. Use these clothes and accessories to dress up your own custom characters. You can even combine clothes with previous Character Creator Fantasy Playsets to get more variations.

By using the Substance-enabled Appearance Editor in Character Creator 2.0 you can import your own custom texture maps, access powerful dynamic material editing features, and create thousands of modified PBR looks for your sorcerer's clothing and equipment.

With this pack you will get a variety of sorcerer clothes and accessories such as:

Use the PopcornFX Library 40 to create magic particle animations in seconds, to make your sorcerers even more powerful and visually stunning!

All 12 preset characters shown in Sorcerer and Sorceress web pages and demo videos have been uploaded to the Marketplace as freebies. You can download the 12 preset from Marketplace here: Sorceress-Blaze, Sorceress-Dark, Sorceress-Frost, Sorceress-Forest A, Sorceress-Forest B, Sorcerer-Feature, Sorcerer-Dark A, Sorcerer-Dark B, Sorcerer-Blaze A, Sorcerer-Blaze B, Sorcerer-Frost A, Sorcerer-Frost B.


Release Note: 2020/7/23

Pack includes:

Plain Base x7

CC Cloth

CC Accessory

Artist: Reallusion

File Size: 762 MB
Compatible with:

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