Customizable soldier outfits for endless combinations

A full collection of shirts, tank-top, helmets, tactical vests, combat boots, and utility belts that can be combined to create a multitude of variations.

Four Camouflage Patterns

The use of PBR materials and optimized high-definition texture maps make models look very realistic while maintaining a manageable number of polygons that allow users to smoothly animate in real-time.


Clothing can be adapted to any stylized characters by allowing you to auto-hide their original inner mesh.

Users can automatically conform clothing to a variety of character styles like Anime, Extreme Deformed, Stylized, or any other body shapes.

6 Nude Soldier bases included allow you to setup characters with different ethnicity.

Customize Soldier Ranks

The rank patches included in the pack allow you to personalize the rank of your soldiers from Private to Captain.


Product: U. N. Task Force - Uniforms

This pack delivers six high-quality soldier characters, with a large amount of modern soldier clothing and equipment that can be combined to create a large amount of practical combinations. Each garment comes in four different kinds of digital camouflage currently used in the US military. These assets will allow you to create a formidable task force that is ready to act in any theater of war including; deserts, jungles, forests, and urban landscapes.

The use of PBR materials and optimized high-definition texture maps, provide you with highly realistic models. The pack also provides you with white bases that allow you to define your own personalized textures by using the Substance-enabled Appearance Editor in Character Creator 2.0.

NOTE: Weapons and gears displayed in this product page are not included in this pack. You may get these additional assets from U. N. Task Force - Weapons & Gears and U. N. Task Force - Humvee-Armored Vehicle or from the U. N. Complete bundle.

The pack includes:

- 4 x Male soldier characters
- 2 x Female soldier characters
- Caps
- Helmets and Tactical helmets
- Bandanas for the head, neck, and mouth
- Elbow and Knee pads
- Eight different kinds of military trousers

- Standard, and rolled up, military shirts
- Tactical shirts
- Military T-Shirts and Tank-Tops
- Utility Belts
- Two types of Backpacks
- Three types of military vests
- Boots

EXPORT: to export content, please remember to acquire the Export Version if you wish to export assets to game engines, or other 3rd party render engines.

iClone 6: for iClone 6 users who wish to use this new PBR content, please read instructions here.

Pack includes:

Bases + Presets

Character + Bonus

Artist : Reallusion

File Size: 1.6 G
Compatible with:

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