Engraved Golden Armor

A great example of extravagant noble armor with fine, embossed metalwork. Two material options are provided: a weathered version for visual realism, and a clean version for texture modification.

medieval knight - weathered armor
Engraved Gold Armor

Metal Plate Armor

Commonly seen metallic armors for medieval knights and cavalry troops. Two material options provided: a weathered version for visual realism, a clean version for texture modification.

medieval knight - metal armor
Metal Plate Armor

Armor Assembly System

The goal of the Paladin assembly kit is to equip you with a complete medieval armor set for creating heroic champions. This pack provides you with separated pauldron, cuirass, tassett, greaves, vambrace, gauntlets, helmets, shields and weapons. The system is designed to give you full freedom to set up your unique holy warrior. There are Plackart Armor for male and female.

medieval knight - armor assembly
Assembly Kit

Helmet System

This helmet kit includes various visors, combs, and plumes, with more than 20 possibilities. Scale, rotate and relocate these assets to design your own Paladin helmet.

Helmet System - icon Helmet System - icon
medieval knight - 3d helm

Partial Conform - No Hard Mesh Distortion

This armor set is designed with adaptive items that can be conformed to different body scales, while including rigid amor parts such as vambrace, plackart, or other hard objects that prevent distortion. You can use the partial conform technique to keep their original shapes while changing character scale. [see how to]

medieval knight - character creator partial conform
Partial Conform

Dynamic Texture Adjustment

All texture maps are created with the Appearance Editor in Character Creator, you can dynamically adjust color, scratches, rust, or gouges on your items to make it look more realistic. You can also import your own image patterns and PNG decals to design unique crests, or engrave patterns onto your armor and accessories.