Toggling Collisions
For the Street Fashion Pack, most clothes are designed with complex details using multiple 3D tools. In order to keep the original design and maximize its visual effect, .ini files have to be loaded separately.

The collision shape .ini file is a unique format for iClone 7. Without the .ini file, the cloth would penetrate into the avatar body.

To fix the penetrate problem, the Street Fashion Clothing Pack provides 5 extra collision files for soft-cloth physics in iClone 7. You can download the zip file named ‘Collision shape ini (ZIP)’ from your member page.

  • Click on Modify > Collision Shape button to open the Character Collision Shape Editor.
  • Enable Collision On / Off and choose a collision shape .ini file to load.
    (Bathing Robe.ini, Polka Dress.ini, Warrior Cloak.ini, Velvet Dress.ini or Yoga Pants.ini).
Once you load the file, the collision shape will automatically fit to your character and solve all penetration problems. For more detail about collision shape, please see our Manual.
Shape Conform to Different Genders
Street Fashion dresses are designed specifically for females. Since the conform function is based on calculating the vertex distance between the body and clothe, unnatural folds will appear when worn by male characters.

Use the following steps to solve this problem.
  • Click on Conform in the top toolbar to open the Conform Clothing window.
  • Disable the Enable Conforming checkbox and click on Reset to Default.
  • Enable Conforming again and click on Calculate Collision.
Bringing CC Content into iClone
iClone 7 allows users to directly access Character Creator content, including ccAcc, ccCloth, ccHair and ccGloves iClone.

With simple drag and drop, you can immediately use the Street Fashion content in iClone7 and animate your MD clothes.
Awesome Warrior Cloak Clothing Physics
Since the Warrior Cloak is large in size, the penetration problem could not be solved solely with the collision .ini file. To optimize physics performance, the user needs to animate it using some special techniques.
Important tips are available for properly animating the Warrior cloak:
  • Always keep arms open.
  • Adjust soft vs rigid collision margin.
  • Don’t raise up the arms for too long when doing animations.