Gorilla's Body Morphs

Gorilla 3D character base provides customized full body morphs and more than exclusive morph sliders on different muscle groups and body parts, giving you the flexibility to create your own unique character. Gorilla’s body morphs can also be mixed and matched with Character Creator built-in body morph sliders for more creative results.

Dawn's Starter Stack - Feature 1 Thumbnails
Dawn's Starter Stack - Body Morph

Gorilla's Head Morphs

Gorilla comes with customized full-head shapes of ethnic looks and 4 facial feature morphs for further modification. Use it on top of your content library to give your model a unique appearance. On top of that, there are 6 expression morphs for four types of emotion: angry, happy, sad and surprised.

Dawn's Starter Stack - Head Morph

Optional Skin Texture Set

Give your character a delicate look with realistic full-body skin. Gorilla detail includes skin and hair. Texture also comes with 5 different eyeball colors.

Dawn's Starter Stack - Hairstyles

Poses for Gorilla

Brings your gorilla to life with gorilla’s poses. In each pose, individual body parts are fine tuned to natural gesture. Poses include standing, sitting, fighting and moving poses. Apply these poses to your character for a natural look.

Dawn's Starter Stack - Daily Poses

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