Baby Luna's Head Morphs

Baby Luna comes with 36 customized full-head shapes of different ethnic looks and 117 facial feature morphs for further modification. Use it on top of your content library to give your baby model a unique appearance. On top of that, there are 27 expression morphs for four types of emotion: angry, happy, sad and surprised.

Baby Luna's Starter Stack - Head Morph

High-Resolution Facial Details

Give your character a delicate look with realistic full-body skin. babyface detail includes eyebrow and cheek. Texture also comes with 4 different eyeball colors.

Baby Luna's Starter Stack - Makeup Icons
Baby Luna's Starter Stack - Makeup Thumbnails
Baby Luna's Starter Stack - Makeup

Accessories for Baby Luna

The pack comes with a collection of Baby Luna’s everyday outfits and accessories such as beaine and diaper. They are all conformable. The diaper includes 2 types of mesh, high poly mesh and low poly mesh. The high poly mesh comes with adjustable clothing morphs for greater flexibility. The low poly mesh provides faster render efficiency.

Baby Luna's Starter Stack - Hairstyle Thumbnails
Baby Luna's Starter Stack - Hairstyles

Poses for Baby

Brings your baby to life with baby’s daily poses. In each pose, individual body parts are fine tuned to natural gesture. Poses include excellent, bending and posing. Apply these poses to your character for a natural look.

Baby Luna's Starter Stack - Clothings

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