Modular Building Elements for Unlimited Hairstyles

Empowered by Smart Hair technology, the Hair Builder Pack provides users 20 pre-assembled hairstyles and 32 Hair Elements in premium quality. With distinctive hair flow and hair base connectors, users can intuitively evolve them to create unique fashions, simply adding bangs, braids, buns, and tails. The hair builder elements support morph options, dynamic physics, and material presets, all with unprecedented freedom for animated hair creation.

Morph Sliders

Specific elements such as Bangs, Rear and Top are all morphable so users can freely change their styles, or fine-tune their shapes.

Dynamic Physics

Hair Builder includes dynamic hair physics for all major hair elements, to naturally respond to character movement and wind behavior with additional spring effects for braids and ponytail.

One Hair, Tons of Variation

Freely Assemble

With Hair Builder’s exceptional modular hair element design, and its support for morphs, transformation, and mesh editing; users can freely assemble, modify, and custom hairstyles for characters in different ages and occasions, even with hats.

Material Presets

Get immediate color design ideas for each hairstyle from specially designed Material Plus options. Try the realistic ones which can best match character’s age and ethnicity, or give game characters a fantasy or cosplay setup.


Not enough from the preset materials? Then take advantage of the powerful Smart Hair Shader which you can use to freely change root-end color, highlight styles, and reflection patterns.

Mix and Match Style Design

See illustrated samples on how you can mix Hair Builder with other hair accessories for unlimited variations.

Click and see how these samples are made.