Customize A Range of Warrior Outfits

All full collection of helmets, skirts, armor, and accessories that can be combined to create a multitude of variations.

Four Types of Gladiator

Conforming Outfit to any Body Shape

Clothing can be adapted to any stylized characters by allowing you to auto-hide their original inner mesh.

Users can automatically conform clothing to a variety of character styles like Anime, Extreme Deformed, Stylized, or any other body shapes.

For more ferocious weapons see here.


Gladiator Vol. 1

Inspired by Ancient Roman gladiators, this pack contains four complete gladiator outfits with a total of 24 pieces and 5 Weapons, all with PBR textures.

Weapons, helmets, skirts and various armor pieces can be easily mixed and matched. It’s everything you need to create your own unique looking gladiator.

Additional Assets :
If you wish to see other recommended assets for your own gladiator-themed scenes, then take a look at the links below:

Pack includes:

CC Cloth


File Size: 285 MB
Compatible with:

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