6 Hiper realistic and fully Dress-Up characters in CC format with weapons and accessories

Meet their deadly rivals: Zombies

Continuous Photography in Studio

Exchangeable Survivor Outfits

High detailed outfits with PBR textures and Softcloth Physics that can be applied to all the characters of the pack as well as your own characters.
The pack includes six upper outfits, six pants, six Boots and Shoes, two pairs of gloves and five caps and hats that can be combined at your wish

3d scan - pbr texture
3d scan - high resolution texture

Weapons and Accessories

Complete the equpation of the survivors with this collection of high detailed weapons and accessories with PBR textures.
Some items include special features like morphs to simulate the crossbow shots or LUA scripts embedded in the shotgun to perform the shooting and reload actions. Use FX Popcorn particles,(Not include in the pack), in combination with another items like the flamethrower or the molotov cocktail in order to obtain amazing simulations.

3d scan - animation editing
3d scan - facial rigged

Hyper Realistic Characters

With skin textures based in real human skins, showing bruises, scars and other skin imperfections, that combined with PBR shaders allow us to achieve an impressive level of detail even at close range, while optimizing the model’s size, making them perfect for real time animation

Continuous Photography in Studio

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