10 Gorgeous Characters in Different Ethnicities

These 10 highly detailed digital human characters are designed in chosen celebrity styles. Not only they look gorgeous, you can freely blend between their morphs, mix them with other hair, outfits, accessories to best present your character for live mocap, real-time animation, or artistic render.

*Hair, cloth and accessories are not included in this pack

characters - digital human head

High Resolution PBR Textures

Each character has his/her own unique PBR skin texture sets. Both 2K and 4K resolutions are provided for the ease of real-time interactivity, or for the highest Iray render quality.

characters - skin texture
characters - pbr texture

Optimized Eyes for Real Lighting

Instead of relying on IBL for eye reflection, a new set of RTL Eye Shaders are introduced to provide ultra realistic eye render in a 3D scene purely lit up with real lights. They not only enhance realism in real-time display, it also works great for Iray renderer.

characters - eye shader characters - eye shader

Fine Tuned for Facial Animation

The facial topology and morphs of Elite Characters have been optimized for Motion Live facial mocap, they can perfectly work with iClone facial lipsync, as well as expression systems.

characters - expression
characters - facial animation

Flexible Data Arrangement

The Elite characters include separated head and body system, with exclusive RTL eyes, teeth, skin presets, head and body morphs for each characters. Give users the highest flexibility to mix and blend between character assets. (RTL = optimized for Real-time Lighting)

characters - head and body
characters - head and body

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