Photo-realistic Quality

With photogrammetry scan technology, all Virtual Outfits reproduce convincing photorealistic details such as fabric, wrinkles and edge stitches. Both 2K and 4K resolutions are provided for all major PBR texture channels - Diffuse, Normal, Roughness and Metallic.

3d scan - facial arrangement
3d scan - facial arrangement

Dual Mesh Outfit System

Each outfit also includes 2 types of meshes; high-poly mesh, and low-poly mesh - all with adjustable clothing morphs for greater flexibility. Depending on your needs, high poly mesh delivers more realism, and low poly mesh provides faster rendering efficiency.

3d scan - pbr texture
3d scan - high resolution texture

Dress up Your Virtual Actors

The Virtual Outfits series matches perfectly with the Virtual Human Head and Body packs. Dress up your actors and get ready to action! All characters are fully animate-able and support both real-time PBR rendering and light trace iRay render for higher realism.

3d scan - facial rigged

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