Basic Cartoon Hairstyle Elements

Benchmarked from mainstream cartoon hair designs such as Disney and Pixar, all Toon Hair and accessories are crafted and textured with classical cartoon style. A collection of stylish hairstyles that are common to both male and female with free assembly, we offer a hairstyle base that gives you the freedom to configure a more diverse hairstyle. Can be directly applied to characters, you can easily change color, direction or elements, to create a unique hairstyle.

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Hairstyle Component Systems

Add hair base and accessories to cartoon characters to produce different styles. This pack includes 10 basic hairstyles and 14 hair accessories. You can directly apply them to characters and also easily change color, direction or elements for a unique hairstyle.

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Modeling Stylized Hair Details

Stylized hair easily stand out with cartoon types like in Disney and Pixar animated films. Our professional 3D artists have carefully designed and focused on the model, creating a smooth mesh flow effect and detailed drawing for the PBR texture.

3d scan - animation editing
3d scan - facial rigged

Spring-dynamic Accessories / Hair Components

Assemble Hairstyles with Spring-Dynamic accessories which react naturally to your character's movement without the need for you to puppet them. They respond perfectly to any movement by simply enabling the spring to simulate natural physical behavior, giving you a chance to easily add fun to any animation.

3d scan - facial rigged

Designed for Color and Combination Applications

Take a look at these characters we display. Each character has a unique personality and appearance, but you can freely create more premium cartoon characters for any toon movie.

characters - digital human head

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