One Neutral Cartoon Base and 4 Personalized Cartoon Figures

Benchmarked from mainstream cartoon character designs such as Disney and Pixar, all Toon Figures are well proportioned and crafted for the best cartoon style. There are one neutral cartoon base and 4 personalized cartoon figures: sexy curvy female, friendly athletic male, charming lanky male, and innocent petite girl, which you can mix and match with their head and body morphs to create different cartoon characters at your disposal.

*Hair, cloth and accessories are not included in this pack

Morphable Facial Features in Details

You can further adjust facial features such as head shape, nose shapes, eyes and eyelash shapes, mouth and lips’ shapes for different cartoon character looks.

characters - head and body
characters - head and body

Authentic Cartoon Contours

All Toon Figures are designed to serve as the new Cartoon Base for Character Creator 3. Therefore, we have paid much attention to the shapes of bodies so that they meet the requirements for genuine cartoon contours.

characters - head and body
characters - head and body

Dual PBR Skin Textures for Customization

We provide two types of PBR skin texture maps, one in plain style and one with partial details and makeups. You can directly apply whichever suits your need, or you can use the plain-style one for further customization.

characters - skin texture
characters - pbr texture

Specially Designed Cartoon Facial Expression Profiles

Two sets of facial expression profiles are included in the Toon Figures pack. They are especially tuned for cartoon characters’ facial animations. You can add them to your facial puppet profile library and start animating with them like a pro!