15 Bone-rigged Hand Puppet Templates

Based on the characteristics of hand puppets, here we introduce 15 types of templates including; Hand Side, Hands Fold, Fingers, Fingers Bend, Radiate, Animal, Humanoid, Long Neck, Multifoot, Wing, Tree, Overlapping, Single Curl, Shrink and Diffusion, which can all be controlled through hand and finger performances.

head morph-head and neck

42 Sample Actors with 120 Pre-made Animations

Besides the 10 sample hands (created by hand side template) for hand gesture performances, inside you will find 32 derivative sample actors created from an additional 14 templates that further demonstrate the wide range of use of each template. Each sample actor includes its pre-made animations, which are produced for its specific template bone. Just right-click the Action Menu to instantly use them.

hand animation-animation style
hand animation-animation style

Customize Your Own Hand Puppet Characters

You can further create your own characters using these templates by following our tutorial video. Simply replace the sprites of each template and fine-tune their positions with corresponding bone node positions for best visual results.

hand animation-tutorial
hand animation-tutorial

Intuitive Hand Puppet Templates Design

All templates were designed and tailored for hand puppet control. If you have a motion capture device, then you can animate these templates with your fingers, hand and arms through corresponding bones.

hand animation-mocap device
Record Your Animations with Mocap Devices

All templates and sample actors in this series support Motion Live 2D: Leap Motion and Perception Neuron Mocap Devices. Use your device directly with the included .json setting file and play to create your animations.

hand animation-motion live 2d
hand animation-leap motion


hand animation-how to custom your hand puppet actor tutorial video

Tutorial: How to Customize Your Hand Puppet Actor?

hand animation-two-hand tutorial video

How to switch control mode between single-hand and two-hand?

hand animation-dynamic control tutorial video

How to set the strength of dynamic control?

hand animation-change template tutorial video

How to add and change part of a template?

hand animation-transform template tutorial video

How to transform and redefine the template?

hand animation-dynamic props tutorial video

How to attach dynamic props?

hand animation-adjust the size of image layers tutorial video

How to avoid image blurry when you adjust the size of image layers?

hand animation-motion capture tutorial video

Tip: Apply Json file before Motion Capture

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