Motions Animated for Social Activities

Let your character show different conversations in different social situations such as standing and sitting, with easy or rigorous conversations, or even telling secrets. A variety of dialogue interactions are indispensable in character performances, and stories can be even more exciting when using the right social animations.

Social Occasions
Social Activities - Gossip

Motions Animated for Emotional Expression

Contains dramatic expressions of character-celebrations, cheering, singing, and dancing along with emotional animations like: joy, surprise, sadness, anger, Yaay, Wow, and others. These animations can be easily applied to express character emotions for detailed and professional results.

Emotions - Shocked

Seamlessly Connect Between Motion Clips

Most of these movements smoothly return back to their initial standby posture, allowing you to easily use the Start (S) / Loop (L) / End (E) to connect to other movements to form a larger sequence of animations.

Applicable for Your Own Characters

Create your own unique set of stickers or various emotions for messaging apps.