Most Popular Transition Effects for Smooth Scene Switching

This pack introduces a total of 150 popular transition effects for design artists.  All put into 4 categories: Basics, Shapes, Stripes and Irregulars.  You can now use these unique and colorful effects to embellish your video design, leaving a great impression on your audience.

transition effects - Smooth Scene
transition effects - Smooth Scene

Empower your Animated Projects

These transition effects can be used for dramatic opening, scene switching, and ending.  You can also use them for animated logo or animated photo album.  Not only making the visuals with highly ornamental and fascinating but also enhancing the connection between the scenes and improving the fluency of narrative.

Opening & Ending

Scene Switching

Animated Logos

Vivid and Dynamic Backgrounds to Rock Your Work

You can also use these motion graphics as dynamic background animations.  This common technique is used widely in music video or commercial film post-production.

3 Color Palette Styles to Match Your Design

There are three types of color schemes, Pastel, Vibrant and Classic.  Choose the color palette that best applies to your project, making the video look stylish and consistent.

transition effects - Color Palette Styles




Easy to Customize and Change Color Styles

Want more creative freedom for your work?  All transition effects are designed to be Render Style ready contents which allows you to customize each color, and provides you with infinite possibilities!

transition effects - special bonus
Bonus Box mobile

On top of everything, we include two additional color tones as a special bonus - Business and Neon.
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How To

How to Customize Your Color Style?

Use the render style color adjustment tool to set up your own color scheme.

How to Animate Your Logo?

You can combine these motion graphics with your logos and create stunning animated logos.


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