football game - soccer game football game - soccer game
football game - dribble, pass, shot, catch

Essential Football Motion Categories

This pack contains all the popular motions seen in football games such as passing, chesting, tackling, dribbling and shooting. You also get defensive moves like catching and diving for goalkeepers to create your ultimate moment of glory!

football game - classic football

Great for Sportscasters and Training

An ideal motion library for sports-related reports, reviews, promotions, training and feature story coverage. Don't forget to add this pack to your motion collection!

Motions for All Body Shapes

These motions fit well with most G3 Human character shapes like heavy, thin, masculine and kid characters. If any motion needs adjustment when applied to characters with diferent body shapes, then just quickly refine them through the motion layers.

Special Bonus - Athletic Figure

The specially designed Bonus - Athletic Football Player is ideal for any detailed customization you might have in mind. You can easily change the player's colors to suit your favorite team.

football game - special bonus

Special Offer for World Football Event