True Cartoon Movements

This pack was created by professional cartoon animators who employed classical keyframe animation techniques,  to create authentic cartoon-style motions that perfectly fit any G3 character.  Anyone can easily apply these motions to any character, through drag-n-drop, to add a professional touch to their work!

cartoon moves - classical cartoon motions cartoon moves - classical cartoon motions

Walk, Run, Jump with Moods

Make your character show different type of emotional movement with all of prolific body language,  such as Strolling, Marching, Excited, Thinking and Irritable which apply your animated story in more depth and more attractive.

Fit Different Avatar Styles

These motions fit well with most G3 Human character shapes like heavy, thin, masculine and kid characters.  If any motion needs adjustment when applied to characters with different body shapes, then just quickly refine them through the motion layers.

Seamless Motion Connection

These motions are designed with start, loop and end which allow seamless motion connection.  User can easily connect and create smooth loops to stitch into an idea motion sequence like: running, jumping over, rolling over and land. They are Ideal to use for game style animations.

3 Sketch Characters

Three classic looking sketch characters: Dummy, Stick and Cartoon are included in this pack as bonus.  You can use them to examine the movement of each frame for animation perfection or use them whatever you like to give your animated projects a touch of classical cartoon style.

cartoon moves - special bonus