cartoon style- elastic motions - spongy moves cartoon style- elastic motions - spongy moves
cartoon style- elastic motions

Life-Like Cartoon Style Animations

These smooth and cute animations can be used in three scenarios: Entrance, Emphasis, Exit. All are created by professional cartoon animators.

Vivid & Natural Physics Simulations

The deformation and movement of these animated properties simulate real physical results, which will immediately attract viewers!

cartoon style - elastic motions - physics simulations

Animation Library for Explainer Videos

If you are making a presentation or an explainer video, then these pre-made animations can help you grab viewer's attention, while leaving audiences with a positive impression!

cartoon style - elastic motions - animation library

Applicable to Any Existing Prop or Imported Image

Simply add a prop or an imported image into the scene, and then apply the desired Elastic Motion to create instant animations for any project.

cartoon style - elastic motions - imported image

Perfectly Matches with the Spongy Moves Pack

3 Jellybees as a special bonus for you to apply all of these elastic motions and enjoy their amazing results!

*Each Jellybee includes 1 x Expression

cartoon style - elastic motions - special bonus
Special Treat

A Special Treat for Cartoon Lovers!

Only an extra $10 and get 9 Emoji Jellybees!

List Price: $19

List Price: $19

cartoon style - expression props - slimes
cartoon style - expression props - Slime - bunny - kitty

These adorable Jellybees work perfectly with the Spongy Moves pack. Each one comes with 4~6 expressions, which you can animate in the Timeline with the Sprite Editor to create lively and expressive animations!

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