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5 Types of Weather Components

The Weather Maker consists of 5 types of animated weather components:

sunny, rainy, snowing, cloudy and lightning. You can use them individually or freely combine them to suit any atmospheric condition for your scenes.

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weather maker - sunny
weather maker - rainy
weather maker - snowing

Use Sky and Shades to Alter Time And Moods

A Collection of 15 Skies and Shades allow you to create specific atmospheres such as dawn, dusk, moody blue, starry night or morning breeze. Use the 3D viewer to create consistent depth perspectives by defining multiple layers with 2D components and shades.

weather maker - 3D viewer

Create Atmosphere for Outdoors and Indoors

Get creative! Use different animation components to generate dynamic scenes with air, lights, flying leaves and debris. You can also accentuate highly dilapidated rooms, sheds and scenes with these components.

Drag & Drop Animated Weather Effects

This bonus includes 7 combined weather effects such as; thunderstorms, dust floating in the sun, wind driven autumn leaves or wind blown rain. Just simply drag & drop them to the scene and use the Right-click menu to instantly change your weather.

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weather maker - animated bonus

How to Apply Lens Flare Effects

This video shows you how to create natural lens flare effects by using prop keys to achieve realistic camera perspective changes.

Custom Flying Sprites

This video shows you how to make paper, leaves, and debris fly by using the Sprite Editor. Just replace the image sources as shown in the video.


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