8 Modern Cartoon Style Characters

8 brand-new characters with distinctive personalities. Apply diverse facial components to create unique avatars in a short time.

characters - personality
characters - G3 360 rotation

G3 360 Head Flexible Rotation

All heads are standard G3 360 Heads that allow you to animate your character’s face in different angles. Each body type comes with 3 angles so you can freely animate and combine your character with G3 360 heads.

characters - G3 360 head
characters - G3 360 head

Animatable Facial Expressions with Sprite Components

The G3 360 Head Composer comes with a variety of angles and facial components that contain fully animated expressions to fit the 360-degree head rotation.

characters - facial components
characters - facial components

Create your own character

The CTA4 Power tools V2 pack has been upgraded and unified in tone color, so it provides an easy way to create stunning protagonists in a short time.

characters - expressions

3 Body Angles

Each character has a body angle of 0 degrees, 45 degrees and 90 degrees. Apply G3 motions with designated angles to get the best results.

characters - body angles
characters - body angles
characters - body motion