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G2 Multi-dimensional Head
All head sprites allow you to freely assemble and animate head expression from 5 angles.
Instant Render Styles
10 template styles ready contents to your liking.
Product : G2 Head Composer Kit 1

The Head Composer Kit enables you to create countless combinations of heads and faces, so you can imitate anyone from a celebrity to your family and friends. All heads, hair sets, and facial components have multi-angle compatibility and can utilize lip-synching as well as create expressions right away, allowing you to animate them in real-time for your cartoons or comic strips!


 • Face x 16
 • Pair of Brows x 6
 • Pair of Ears x 5
 • Pair of Eyes x 7
• Mouth x 9
 • Nose x 12 (with glasses x 6)
 • Hair sytles x 24

Author : Reallusion
File size : 28.8 MB
Required : CrazyTalk Animator 2.0 or above

Note: All composed characters shown in the webpages are for demonstration purposes and are not included in the pack.