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What's included :

  • Voice Scripts x 50

Author : Reallusion
File size : 24.1 MB
For CrazyTalk7.1 or above!
List price : $ 39.95

Product: Social Emoticon


This Voice Script Pack - Social Emoticon includes 50 fully-animated Voice Scripts which provides you with a wonderful alternative for the commonly-used 'emoticon' system in everyday online conversation. You can have these familiar smilies such as laughing, frowning, kissing and sleeping be performed by your very own CrazyTalk characters, with their great cartoon styles. Those vivid expressions and hilarious voice effects can also be used with any character of your choice.

Be sure to get the full spectrum of motion clips to spice up your social interaction, or add these contagious emotional elements in your animation production to engage your audience!

While you apply these motions on 3D Characters, please go to Reallusion\Template\CrazyTalk 8 Template\Voice Script2D\Samples\Social Emoticon, and drag and drop the motion file to the character. Also note that these motions were originally design for 2D characters, and that the results may vary a little with 3D characters.