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Party Fun:

3D Hairs

and Accessories

3D Dress Up

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Different styles with a variety of hairs and accessories.

Hats / Glasses
Head Accessories / Headbands
Special Hairs

Conforming Hairs & Physic Accessories

The hairs and hats can automatically fit to any head sizes and shapes, big or small. In addition, each piece of hair is soft-physics enabled and comes with dynamic spring effects that will lively up your character's performance.


Special Hairstyles made for Hats and Headbands

Wearing hats over your head is now as easy as pie! Two pieces of hair; short one for men, and long one for women, are included with this pack to equip any headgear on top, avoiding any clipping issues. With perfect visuals, and no complicated adjustments required!

Customize your Favorite Textures & Looks

With an optimized UV layout, you can create your own fashion designs by simply exporting out the texture maps to your favorite image editing tool to customize a one-of-kind look. And best of all, is that decals added to the texture map will not be deformed in any way!

Modular Accessory Design

Enjoy the freedom of recombining different accessory parts to create your own unique adornments. Mix and match to create funny glasses, novelty headbands, necklaces, pendants, hats, props and more!

Be able to use in 3 Applications

Have your cake and eat it too! With this Party Fun pack, you only need to buy once to use these items in three different applications

Choose where to install



    What's cooler than crashing a party with your friend? Well, crashing it in style of course! Different from the previous releases, "Party Fun - Hairs & Accessories" is the first content pack that can be used across 3 different Reallusion software: iClone, Character Creator and CrazyTalk 8. Simply choose the software you want to install it to and use it anywhere you like.

    Dress up your characters in bold and colorful hairstyles, mix and match accessories to create unique adornments, and watch your characters become the center of attention at any parades, festivals or party scenes with dynamic spring and physics animation effects.

    The hairs and hats can automatically conform to any head shapes and sizes, and their textures are ready to be customized when used in conjunction with your favorite image editing program. If you have the Character Creator tool, then you can also edit them dynamically with the powerful Appearance Editor.

Pack Includes:

  • 15 Hairs

  • 88 Accessories

  • 100 Bonus Hairs & Accessories

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File Size :


Required :

Character Creator 1.2 or above, iClone 6.2 or above, CrazyTalk 8.0 or above, 3D Exchange 6.2 Pipeline if you want to export

Notice :

For CrazyTalk 8 users - if you have already acquired the "Party Fun" Content Pack, then you may download the CrazyTalk 8 Universal Installer.


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