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What's included :

  • Anxious Mood x 5
  • Funny Mood x 5
  • Good Mood x 5
  • Sad Mood x 4
  • Mental Reaction x 6
  • Physical Reaction x 7
  • Thought x 4

Author : Reallusion
File size : 3 MB
For CrazyTalk7.1 or above!
List price : $ 24.95

Product: Facial Expression Clips Vol.2


Facial Expression Clips Vol. 2 provides various vivid facial expression clips for all kinds of performances. This dramatic cartoon motion pack contains expressions, ranging from laughing happily, fidgeting anxiously, and sobbing sadly, to physical and mental reactions like aching, feeling pain, coughing and eating something bitter and sour. You can insert any facial expression clip that you like during the perfomance to bring the most realistic and passionate animations to your character. This wonderful pack is essential for bringing drama and emotion to your animations, don't miss it!

Tips: To learn how to apply motion clips.

While you apply these motions on 3D Characters, please go to Reallusion\Template\CrazyTalk 8 Template\Motion Clip2D\Facial Expression Clip Vol 2, and drag and drop the motion file to the character. Also note that these motions were originally design for 2D characters, and that the results may vary a little with 3D characters.