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What's includes:

  • Anxious Mood x 5
  • Funny Mood x 5
  • Good Mood x 5
  • Sad Mood x 4
  • Mental Reaction x 6
  • Physical Reaction x 7
  • Thought x 4

Author : Reallusion
File size : 5.83 MB
For CrazyTalk7.1 or above!
List price : $ 24.95

Product: Facial Expression Clips Vol.2 (Mac)


The all new CrazyTalk7 Facial Expression Clips Vol. 2 provides various vivid facial expression clips for all kinds of performances. According to performance type, you can insert any facial expression clip that you like during the performance to enable the performers to perform their very best. This pack will let you create top quality CrazyTalk7 movie much more easier than before.

Facial Expression Clips Vol. 2 includes 36 selected facial expression clips. They are divided into below categories according to their performing type.

Tips: To learn how to apply motion clips.

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