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What's included :

  • Models x 8

Author : Reallusion
File size : 7.23 MB
For CrazyTalk7.1 or above!
List price : $ 14.95

Product: Bouncy Buddies


This pack contains the Anderson family and the Harris family - 8 gorgeous egg-like characters who will be at your side in your CrazyTalk7. They can be seamlessly integrated with any Voice Script, bringing you laughs-a-plenty with their cartoonish expressions! The motion parameters can be freely adjusted, giving you complete control over the way they move. Custom parameters such as Strength, Softness and Spring can be used to twist their bodies and make them bounce to and fro. While they're performing or moving around, they won't be limited by body-shape. The Bouncy Buddies will definitely be one of the most versatile character collections in your content library, so why not adpot the whole family?