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What's included :

  • Audio (.mp3) x 30
  • Voice Scripts x 63
  • Auto Motions  x 85
  • Motion Clips x 42

Author : Reallusion
File size : 39.2 MB
For CrazyTalk7.1 or above!
List price : $ 49.95

Product: Auto Animation Library Vol.1 (Mac)


Auto Animation Library Vol.1 provides you with 3 indispensable additions to compliment CrazyTalk7's Auto Motion Technology which allows your own voice to drive the intensity of the animation. With hundreds of templates and styles at your disposal, you'll have no trouble finding the perfect sample templates to give your character the desired movement and expression.

Sound Library and Voice Scripts    See Demo

The specially-made sound library allows you to start your animation with the high quality audio clips, and see how motions respond to sounds. Learn from the perfect examples that showcase the best usage, and use the content rich auto motion templates to give your character all kinds of emotions and natural movements.

Auto Motions    See Demo

With scenario-based auto motions, you can apply any motion styles to accompany any character performance. It also allows you to adjust strength levels to fit each character's unique style. Auto motion is a functional feature that gives the character an initial template motion, which serves as a starting point for the rest of your animation.

Motion Clips      See Demo

The Motion Clip library helps you create intricate expressions, makes your characters perform beautifully, and generally helps to spice up your animation. You can also edit and layer custom motion clips or puppet animations together to create your own unique expressions.