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Reallusion joined the 40th annual SIGGRAPH expo showcasing the release of iClone 5.5, the latest edition of iClone Animation Pipeline, which now includes the first universal facial control system for any 3D character. Once requiring a team of animators and weeks of work to bring characters to life, animation pros are now able to accomplish their goals in a matter of days and with minimal production staff by using the iClone Animation Pipeline.

The universal character rig supports importing any custom 3D character to animate with a vast toolset of dynamic facial puppeteering, lip-sync and HumanIK-enhanced motion creation.  Create animation with ease for your custom character FBX files export to Unity, UDK, 3DS Max, Maya and more. 


Reallusion introduced Facial Animation on FAST FORWARD session and attract media and visitors stop by
Reallusion's crew provided on-site demonstration of the photo-3d face fitting that turns any photo into a 3D avatar, as well as details on the full pipeline possibilities with an iClone to Maya demonstration.
Video interview with Electric TV
CrazyTalk a new fun & easy animation app @ Siggraph 2013
Video interview with Electric TV
iClone5, Fast & Simple Real-time 3D Animation Demo @ Siggraph 2013
Video interview with ShareCG
ShareCG @ Siggraph 2013: Reallusion, Inc. - John Martin, VP Product Marketing
Video interview with ProductionHUB
Reallusion - Siggraph 2013