Certification Center

Authorized Training Center

The Reallusion Authorized Training Center (RATC) is a specific certificate exclusively for school, institute, or other education organization. Any representative of an organization can apply for a certificate of "Authorized Training Center" from Reallusion.

Benefits to become a RATC:

  • Best discount for annual license upgrade
  • Best discount for volume license
  • Featured banners in Reallusion certification center
  • Eligible to issue authorized certificates (RCS, RCP) to the students
  • Awarded with Reallusion offical certificate and medal
  • Preferential support from Reallusion (e.g. the latest softwares, training resource kit)

Criteria to become a RATC:

  • The organization needs to get site/volume license (at least one semester) from Reallusion
  • At least 20 PCs in a lab or classroom are installed with iClone/CrazyTalk full edition
  • At least 1 certified trainer is engaged in this organization (the instructor in the course)
  • At least one-semester (or 36 hours) course about iClone is held in this organization in one year

Obligation for being a RATC:

  • Provide the photos in class, seminar, or other events
  • Provide students' showcase or class projects
  • Provide the teaching plan or syllabus
  • Provide the facility & place for Reallusion to host event or camp occasionally

Authorized Certificate for Your Students:

After your institute or organization becomes an authorized training center, you will be authorized to issue the Reallusion official certificate of study to your students as well.

Reallusion Certificate of Study
What is Reallusion Certificate of Study? The benefis to students:

A Reallusion certificate of study is designed for students who has complete a certain training course or workshop and is able to produce the animated video using iClone or CrazyTalk.

*The authorized training center will be allowed to access to Reallusion certification delivery system and issue to your students directly.

  • Justify your animation capability.
  • Get your resume noticed.
  • Gain recognition from your employer.
  • Differentiate yourself from competitors.

Become an Authorized Training Center

By becoming a Reallusion Authorized Training Center (RATC), your education business will get benefit with clear tie to the Reallusion brand, and you may also get access to training resources, pre-released software, and priority assitance.