Regardless of your background experience, Reallusion offers powerful 3D animation software that anyone can use.

What is

3D animation


3D animation is the art of using computer graphics to simulate movement in a 3D environment. Traditional animation can involve an elaborate set of steps which include first modeling characters, and then rigging them to match characters to a given body skeleton -both of which can be very time consuming. Then, animators need to accurately manipulate their character poses and stances in a timeline to simulate natural movements.

The great advantage of using Reallusion software, is that all these pre-steps have already been done for you. Continue reading more about practical Reallusion software, and discover a new way of animation!

How is

animation software


Visual Effects

Reallusion’s 3D animation software is a plug & play character animation solution for film and game, and fully compatible with Unreal Engine, Unity, Maya, and Blender. The film industry usually uses our 3D animation software to create VFX, involving the integration of live-action footage and generated imagery.


Video Games

3D animation software is often used by video game developers to generate game-ready characters, props, and 3D environments that are exported to game engines to build interactive virtual worlds that can be manipulated in realtime through mapped controllers.



3D animation software can also be used to quickly generate 3D scenes with digital actors. These are usually rough versions of more complex shots in a movie that are used for planning and conceptualizing scenes before filming. With the use of quick 3D animation software, filmmakers can easily turn their abstract concepts into animated storyboards.

Reallusion 3D Animation Software

Software for realtime 3D animation, that includes character creation, scene design, and cinematic storytelling all in one realtime engine.

Motion LIVE

A mocap plug-in platform for iClone that aggregates motion data streams from industry-leading mocap devices, driving 3D characters' faces, hands, and bodies simultaneously.

Unreal Live Link

A real-time pipeline plug-in for iClone that fuses iClone’s intuitive character and animation system with Unreal Engine’s rendering power for virtual production, films, live performances, archviz, and games.


A converter for importing and exporting all types of 3D assets including static objects, animated characters, and motion files from iClone.

Curve Editor

A curve editing plug-in for iClone that allows you to adapt all the skills of classic animation principles to your iClone animations.


A VFX plug-in for iClone that creates unmatched real-time particle effects. It’s currently in use in a wide variety of indie and AAA game productions.

Iray Render Plug-in

NVIDIA® IRAY® is a highly interactive and intuitive physically based rendering technology that generates photo-realistic imagery by simulating the physical behavior of light and materials.

Character Creator

3D Character Pipeline Software Character Creator (CC) can create realistic looking, animation-ready 3D human characters for use with iClone and other 3D tools.

Animation Resources

Content Store

A place where you can find a massive library of royalty free, premium content packs that have been both created by Reallusion and certified independent developers.

Content Marketplace

A complete C2C platform that is designed to provide you with a "Try before you Buy" and "Item-based Purchase" mechanisms.

Learning Center

Free learning resources for beginners and professionals, that include elaborated video tutorials and detailed online manuals.

3D Animation Newsroom