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popVideo Converter Free Update
This upgrade page contains details of the latest release version. A version history is included so you can better understand the new features added or issues solved within a specific release.
  • Official Release Version: 2.02(2.02.1306.1)
  • Release Date: 2011-01.12
  • Language: English Version
  • Intelligent Video Chromakeying
    • Free Update

    popVideo 2.02 (2.02.1306.1) update patch

    Format: .exe
    Last update on 12th January, 2011.
    Check out the Version History for details.

    File Size
    For popVideo v2.0 English Version
    6.91 MB

    popVideo 2.0 free upgrade

    Format: .exe
    Last updated 10th March, 2010.
    Check out the Version History for details.

    File Size
    For popVideo Converter 1.x above
    purchase users

    33.7 MB


    Click "Login to Upgrade" will prompt you to your Premium Page with the detailed upgrade information. Uninstall popVideo Converter 1.x version before installing popVideo Converter v2.0.

    For any other version upgrade:
    Please logon your Premium Page to find the suitable updates patch. You can also view the release history in below section. Don't have the premium account yet? Register your purchased product to create your personal premium page. Click here to register.

    popVideo Converter History

    v2.02 released 12th January 2011

    • Fixed: The loading failure issue of popVideo format exported from iClone 4.3, CrazyTalk 6.2, and CrazyTalk Animator 1.0

    v2.01 released 28th April 2010

    • Fixed: Chroma Key settings problem in MOV file.
    • Enhanced: Speeded up HD output rendering time.
    • Enhanced: Speeded up Blur performance and output rendering time.

    v2.0 released 10th March 2010

    • Added: Basic Operation tool bar.
    • Added: Play Bar editing functions: Sync, mark in/out, and thumbnail capture.
    • Added: Chroma Key settings.
    • Added: Mask Settings: Mask Brush, Mask Expand, Mask Blur, and Edge Color.
    • Added: PopVideo file format export (Mask .avi video).
    • Added: Span section output.