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General Features

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Render & Output

You may quickly switch between real-time render modes for optimal visual quality or faster editing performance. To give video producers a high flexibility over video compositing, iClone also gives the options to export image sequences with alpha channels, so that iClone 3D scenes or virtual characters can later be easily immersed into other media. Video export is supported in various formats including AVI, MPEG-4, and WMV for 4K Super HD video output. The 3x3 Super Sampling option delivers flicker-free video export which is rarely seen in other real-time rendering engine.

Real-time Render

Quickly alternate your scene's previewing render modes. The Shader selector allows you to adjust the real-time preview settings so even complex scenes can be navigated without slowing down your computer. The 3x3 Super Sampling option delivers flicker-free video export.