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General Features

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Real-time Production

iClone's preset layouts are logically designed with Stage, Set, Actor, Animation, Media and Export sections so that you may easily allocate resources during story creation. Simply drag and drop actors, props or textures directly into any scene within the 3D preview window, and then use the intuitive gizmos to easily control objects with convenient inscreen editing. The new dockable iClone Qt user interface is now able to adapt to your working style, providing three levels of font and UI sizes which can fit different resolution demands. With the new Content Manager, not only can you easily keyword search target items, but you can also create your own custom folders to place all related content for easy access later. There are also lots of Timeline enhancements such as dope sheet, multi-track editing, and zoom view which can let you manage object sub-tracks much easier.

New! Flexible Intuitive UI

Drag, dock and combine your various work panels to any area of the screen; you can then save your custom UI layout for future use. Quickly switch between different layouts like animation view, scene setup view, or cinematic view. Take advantage of your PC multi-screen setup and distribute your iClone tools in whichever monitor you like for maximum comfort, style and efficiency!

New! Timeline Enhancements

Directly perform key edits on the master track without clicking on every individual track to find specific keys. A new Rectangle Select feature allows you select multiple items in separate tracks and move them simultaneously. Simply scroll your mouse to enlarge its display size, and hold the Alt-key to pan the timeline view.