iClone Animation Pipeline Special Edition

The iClone Animation Pipeline package includes three programs with embedded content in one convenient package. Users can create characters and motions in iClone and then convert them to FBX, BVH, and OBJ formats via 3DXchange. By working with a depth cam device, users may also bring in motion data through the Kinect Mocap Plug-in.

This toolkit includes three products:


iClone 6 PRO

Real-time 3D animation for digital actors, environments & visual effects with drag & drop editing, powerful physics and Microsoft Kinect-ready motion capture designed for creativity in production, education & previsualization.
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3DXchange 6 Pipeline

3DXchange 6 Pipeline is the next major leap for iClone users who now want to convert and export iClone content to any CG or game design tools via popular open formats like FBX, BVH, & OBJ.
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Kinect Mocap Plug-in

With this Kinect motion capturing tool, now you can use your own body to control virtual actors, in real-time, with motion smoothing optimizations.
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Additional Hardware

Kinect for Xbox one

Kinect for Xbox one is a device designed for PC applications which can be linked to PC computers running on Windows 8 or above.

Plus! Unlimited Content Resources

Embedded Content

Professionals and beginners can take advantage of tons of pre-made content and smart interactivity between actors, vehicles and props that make animation fun and logical.

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Bonus Learning Projects

The iClone Developer's Resource Pack is designed by professional iClone content creators aimed to help iClone users quickly master the process of importing animated characters from external 3D tools.

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Add-on Online Assets

Connect and collect numerous content, at anytime, via the 3DXPortal site which also provides a "try before you buy" and "item-based purchase" features for a live access experience.

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