iClone Nature builder is a total designers’ toolkit for creating custom terrain and flora designs.  Landscaping with Nature builder's tools and content make it possible to create the perfect outdoor environment for your iClone movies.  Mountains to gardens and wastelands to lush wilderness, Nature builder has everything you need to get creative from the ground up.

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Create limitless sweeping landscapes, rocky mountain ranges, general all-purpose grounds, and more with Earth Sculptor, a real-time terrain editor and paint program with an easy to use interface designed for rapid development of 3D environment in iClone.

  • Shape your terrain with 8 sculpturing tools
  • Custom Texture for Terrain Painting
  • Open Pipeline to External Paint Tools
  • Direct export to iClone with iClone Plug-in
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Biosphere Collection

- 400 LivePlants Variations

iClone Total Plants Biosphere Collection provides 400 LivePlants variations (plus some creatures). This is a complete collection of dyanmic LivePlants species, and will fulfill your demand on the nature scene generation for all kinds of geological environment, even the fantasy world.

Gardening Collection

- Grow Your Dream Garden

Construct your dream garden at ease with vivid 3D tree, grass, and beautiful flowers. Layout the botanic scene with an elevated terrain, a pond, fences, short stone walls, and many other aesthetic gardening elements.

Biosphere Demo
Total Plants Biosphere Collection pack provides 400 Live Plants variations to fit any atmosphere of your scenes.

Gardening Demo
The Gardening pack allows you to layout your garden with stone plate or wood plane pavement, tile and beautiful flora.

Nature Builder Case:
3D Chinese Painting

See the real use case how you can create a natural scene with artistic layout and composition.