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Real-time Particle FX

iClone5 has an amazing visual effects engine with preset library and customization tools. Create and store particle effects using the simplified user interface for powerful particle creation, modification and saving. Import diffuse and opacity maps for unique texture effects on particles. Assign particle emitters to scene objects, or iProps, for interactive display and object follow.

Material FX

The material textures can be animated by editing key frames. By tuning the strength of each texture channel, you can create amazing visual effects. Use the diffuse channel to display the main texture from its base color. Use the opacity map as the alpha channel, or mask out the 3D shape. Change the bump strength to show or hide the bump patterns. Change the glow strength to increase and decrease the glow range. Make the surface look wet or shiny by turning down the specular strength, or make reflective surfaces such as a crystal balls, soap bubbles and glass windows.

Media Compositing

Real-time animation evolves with 3D Video FX including virtual newsroom, broadcast graphics and chromakey effects inside iClone5. Combine virtual sets with a green screen and an iClone popVideo footage of yourself to create professional video broadcasts without the concern for expensive on-location studio fees.

Post FX

With enhanced post FX rendering options, iClone5 users can now render and create key-able visual effects like blur lens, sketch or black & white. This allows for a wide range of amazing post effects that transform any 3D animation into top-notch, studio art motions.