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Interactive Props

Interactive Props with iScript

Smart iProps now adopt the new Lua (lightweight multi-paradigm programming) language for game-like prop interaction. Lua is described as a "multi-paradigm" language, which is commonly used in many game companies. With Lua, you may easily manipulate an object with the use of a control panel. Just like a video game, simply select the prop and character and place a command for their auto animation.

Physics Animation
– Rigid Body

Rigid body dynamics enable you to simulate objects with a high degree of realism such as fall, collide and bounce. All these movements are controlled by physics properties such as mass, elasticity, friction, damping, impulse, collisions, constraints and others. You may even add rigid body physics to any prop or character in order to add another dimension of interactivity between subjects.

Physics Animation
– Soft Body

Soft body dynamics focus on realistic physical simulations that deform whole objects and singular planes such as clothes. Animations are now incredibly life-like as objects can accurately represent their elastic properties like rubber, squashed balls or jelly puddings. You may even simulate cloth effects from a singular plane with different material stiffness such as silk, linen or any other materials that will be affected by air resistance.

Flex & Spring

Automatic, real-time flying surface simulations with FLEX technology. Preset FLEX Surface content library for common flexible objects allow you to further customize for different purposes. The other spring dynamics can help you create natural human movement such as swaying hair, shaking belly and female breast dynamics. You may also use this feature to create dog tails and insect antennae.

3D Dummy & Material Templates

Instant 3D scene buildup via move, scale, rotate and stacking of basic 3D building blocks. 3D Blocks include walls and floors, columns, containers, pipe systems, pies and arcs; capsule, tablets, etc. Easy texture mapping to specific faces of a model using the guidance of the UV map reference image. Use "Eyedropper" to collect material info from specific texture surfaces in an object, and "Paint Bucket" to paint and apply the same materials quickly to different objects.

Animated UV Props

Varieties of UV animation patterns such as rotation, shifting, ping-pong, looping, center out, ring-in and kaleidoscope effects. Users may apply their own textures to generate amazing effects.

Professionals can design sophisticated animated UV props by using the iClone - 3D Studio MAX Plug-In.

Access and edit texture UV animation templates to present dynamic texturing effects such as water, wave, dance floor, clouds and sky.

Prop Puppet

Use a mouse to freely control the movement, rotation or scale of a prop and record its animation in real-time for authentic movement. With the Prop Puppet panel you will be able to simulate different object movements by using prop animation profiles to further customize movement, rotation or scale; with different X, Y, Z parameters.