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Real-time Production

Preset Layouts for Directing

iClone5 is different from other 3D tools designed for storytelling. Its production layout is logically designed with Stage, Set, Actor, Animation, Media and Export so that you may easily allocate resources required during story creation. This allows for anyone to be their own director and start animating without any hassles of creating content from scratch.

In-screen Editing

The gizmo adds targeted editing tools for altering the Rotation, Transformer Scale of any object. The X,Y and Z axis can be selected individually, or in combination, to control the alteration.

In-scene Editing: Multiple selection, transformation, delete, move, copy, link, attach and save to library.

Drag-n-Drop Creation

Drag and drop actors, props or textures directly into any scene within the 3D preview window. Select a file and drag it from the iClone library, or as an imported file from any external Windows folder. Textures can be dragged and turned into solid wall objects or even 2D backgrounds. Drop textures directly onto clothing while actors are still wearing them.

Play-to-Create Controls

The Director Mode is just like a videogame. You select your actor or prop, and use the directional keys or hotkeys to control it. The animation you create is then recorded as a motion clip for you to use as is, or for you to edit in later segments.

Animation Path & Transition

In the real world, most of things around us are moving along a smooth curve. By using this feature we can easily build a path for any object to follow without creating lots of transform keys. In iClone, you may set keys or add clips in different tracks. The interpolating in movements may be customized with different methods so that the transition speed between two adjacent keys or clips is more dynamic. This can imitate the physics characteristics of moving objects in the real world.