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Real-time Render

Use the On-screen Shader selector to quickly alternate your scene's previewing render mode from Bounding box, Wireframe, Quick Shader, Smooth Shader, Vertex Shader to Pixel shader. The Shader selector allows you to adjust the real-time preview settings so even complex scenes can be navigated without slowing down your computer.

Image Sequence for
Post Editing

iClone offers a high compatibility for video producers to export image sequences with alpha channels, so that virtual characters can be easily immersed into other media. Create flip books by easily exporting a series of images in motion.

Popular Image & Video Format Output

Video export in various supported formats including AVI, MPEG-4, RM, WMV, NTSC, PAL for HD (High Definition) quality video output. Turn the timeline output into a frame-by-frame image sequence with alpha-channel ready Targa or Bitmap formats.
Image size up to 3000x3000.

One-Click 3D Stereo Output

Create eye-popping and stereoscopic videos by clicking the '3D Stereo Vision' option in the export panel.
Supports a variety of 3D outputs, which allow you to view 3D videos with general or special monitors plus 3D glasses.
Adjust the value of the 'Convergence Distance' to
define the convergence point as you playback the
output media. The higher the value, the closer the
objects tend to pop-up in relation to
the convergence point.